Product Overview

Patented Technology.
One Platform, Multiple Experiences

GameSource is a highly innovative and sophisticated cloud based gaming platform that integrates all gaming logic, data management, auditing and monitoring features which are centralized and reside in a private and secure gaming cloud. 

As all game logic and data are running in the gaming cloud, player terminals interfacing with the gaming cloud are simply generic devices that provide player interaction and content presentation, which is different from the existing slot machines where the entire game logic and data are stored in each unit.

Back-end;Operation+Monitoring Datacenter+GameStore;Front-end;Gaming Platform for Players; Back-end;Operation+Monitoring Datacenter+GameStore;Front-end;Gaming Platform for Players;
An Infotainment Platform for PLAYER
With GameSource, any pre-registered PC-based display device can be used as a player terminal.
Players can select a variety of games through GameSource’s game lobby, with an interface personalized according to each player’s preference, with up-to-date promotions or other events information.
An operation and monitoring datacenter for OPERATOR & REGULATOR
All game processing, data and fund management and operation control are operated in a high performing and secured gaming cloud, which allows operator and regulator to monitor all real-time game activities at a single point.
A GAMESTORE for game developer
GameSource opens up direct market access and business opportunities to global game developers for game distribution via GameSource’s “Game Store”.
Through Game Store, game developers can deploy their games which allows operators to choose from a huge variety of certified games from slot, house, and virtual sports. In addition, the introduction of social and skill-based games will attract a new line of millennial players.